Who says politics have to divide us?

Maybe they can unite us—at least for one sweet, fleeting moment.

In a "missed connections" ad posted to Craigslist last week, under the heading "You liked my Jo Ann Hardesty button. I liked your tattoo free skin. (Portland)," an unnamed volunteer for the Hardesty campaign lamented not making a more lasting connection from shared politics.

"You tapped me on the shoulder … and told me you'd also voted for Jo Ann Hardesty," the Hardesty volunteer wrote. "I like people who talk to strangers. I do it all the time."

The personal ad quickly takes a turn away from the political, and instead focuses on what appears to have been a central topic of the too-brief conversation: a dislike of tattoos.

"I immediately thanked you for not having any tattoos (that were visible, anyway – you were wearing blue jean cutoffs and a dark t top)," writes the Hardesty volunteer. "Not against tattoos, per se. Some of my best friends, etc. But I do think too many people overdo it. Their business of course. But we all have our aesthetics."

The pair met on the yellow line at Pioneer Square. Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. At least one party has regrets.

"I should have waited until you got off the phone to continue to talk with you," the volunteer pines. "I hope you see this, and would like to meet for a coffee."