Portland City Government Adds Warning Labels to Electric Scooters

"We're hoping this will help people learn the rules of the road."

Some Portland e-scooters now come with the rules posted on them.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has started to attach to scooters, via rubber-band, a card laying out the rules of the road for scooters.

"This is part of our public education effort for e-scooter riders," says PBOT spokesman Dylan Rivera. "Our staff have been handing out similar fliers since the start of the pilot program July 25.

"We asked the companies if they had any concerns about us trying to attach fliers to their equipment," Rivera continues, "and they were comfortable with it. Some companies already have guidance written on the scooters themselves, with mixed results. We're hoping this will help people learn the rules of the road as they use e-scooters, so they can ride safely and respectfully."

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PBOT has started posting the rules on scooters in downtown and will start posting outside the downtown in future.
The rules include: no riding in the park, no riding on the sidewalk, and wear a helmet.

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