In one of the most significant endorsements of the fall election, Portland City Council candidate Jo Ann Hardesty is picking up the endorsement of both Service Employees International Union locals, 49 and 503.

The union, a heavyweight in Oregon politics, sat out the primary and is endorsing Hardesty in advance of the Labor Day picnic at Oaks Park, which serves as a springboard for the fall election season.

"I am thrilled to have the support of the Service Employees International Union," Hardesty says in a statement. "SEIU is known for standing up for progressive values for all workers, and often being the political backbone of so many righteous fights. Together I believe we can take on the issues I know Portlanders are longing for change on: housing, police accountability, climate change and a seat at the table."

Hardesty has the endorsement of Portland Teachers Association from the primary, and Smith had the endorsement of multiple private-sector unions.

Smith already faced an uphill battle in the November general election. Hardesty beat Smith by 25 points in the primary, when six candidates ran.

The city’s firefighters and police unions also sat out the primary and have yet to endorse. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 75, which endorsed mayoral staffer Andrea Valderrama, who finished fourth in the primary, has already endorsed Hardesty. (Disclosure: This reporter’s husband works for AFSCME.)