A right-wing protester named Haley Adams held a small rally last month in front of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's house, complaining he was coddling antifascists. She posted a photo of herself in his front yard on Facebook.

Among the commenters: real estate investor Marty Kehoe, who also expressed frustration with the mayor.

"People should be bused up to his mansion to pee and poop on his front porch," Kehoe wrote July 21. "Then he might understand how the rest of us feel. Maybe then, Ted Weasel would put on his big boy panties and do something for our city."

Kehoe's comment came five days before he donated a 22-acre West Hills property to the Audubon Society of Portland.

Reached by WW this week, Kehoe said he didn't remember leaving the comment, but said he's alarmed by homelessness and drug addiction in the doorways of his downtown properties.

"I own a lot of properties in downtown and I can show you pictures of people shitting and pissing in my doorways," he said. "I have a lot frustration."

Wheeler tells WW he hopes Kehoe will join city efforts to reduce homelessness.

"When he's ready," Wheeler said Tuesday, "I look forward to having Marty Kehoe join other business leaders and community partners who are working with the City in investing and addressing homelessness, public safety, and livability."