Because of the cold weather and wind hitting Portland, three extra homeless shelters will again be open tonight across Multnomah County.

It's the second night in a row the the the city-county Joint Office of Homeless Services, and the second night of the season that the joint office will turn away no one when there's determined to be severe weather.

They may open the extra shelters on nights when the forecasts predict daytime temperatures at 25 degrees or below, when the nighttime temps are expected drop below freezing with at least an inch of rain, when at least an inch of snow is expected; or when there is severe wind chill or sharp fluctuations in the temperature.

The three shelters that will open tonight are:

Portland will see temperatures dip below freezing for another night tonight, with strong winds. A winter storm is expected to intensify Saturday, with even higher winds and snow expected to reach the edges of the city.