How Angry Is Donald Trump at Portland This Week? Check the Presidential Rage-O-Meter.

“These are really sick, disturbed people.” 

Since President Donald Trump deployed federal police to Portland, he can talk of little else. Perhaps that's because he sees the images of civil unrest in our streets as a winning issue for his reelection campaign. It could signal his eagerness to "send in the National Guard," as he's previously threatened. Maybe he just really likes saying "Portland." Whatever the reason, at most of his press briefings—at the Trump National Golf Club or a Whirlpool washing machine factory—he discusses our city.

How fixated is he? We decided to conduct a regular review of his official remarks, as compiled by the White House Press Office, to ascertain how angry the president is with Portland this week.

How many times did the president say the word "Portland" in official remarks last week? 14

What was his harshest appraisal? "Portland is a disaster. It's been a disaster for many, many years," Trump said on Aug. 7. "Brave federal law enforcement officers single-handedly saved the federal courthouse in Portland from lawless rioters and agitators and anarchists—and that's what they are. You know, when you find Molotov cocktails in somebody's knapsack, and they say, 'No, I'm just here to have a good time.' These are really sick, disturbed people."

How hot does his anger burn? Hotter than a dumpster set on fire outside the Portland Police Association.

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