Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Backs Commissioner Chloe Eudaly With November Endorsement

“Commissioner Eudaly and I haven’t always agreed on every policy position. However, our values are closely aligned."

Jo Ann Hardesty speaks to protesters on June 5, 2020. (Brian Burk)

In a surprising and potentially consequential choice, City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has endorsed incumbent Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, who faces a stiff challenge from academic Mingus Mapps in November.

Earlier this summer, Eudaly and Hardesty clashed over cuts to the police budget, as Eudaly pushed for a bigger cuts than Hardesty considered warranted. That led Hardesty to blast Eudaly for "performative allyship"—that is, showing off her support for people of color when it's convenient—and imperiled the endorsement she'd given Eudaly in the primary.

"Commissioner Eudaly and I haven't always agreed on every policy position. However, our values are closely aligned, and we have agreed on much more than we have disagreed on," Hardesty said in a statement.

Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly. (Wesley Lapointe)

"After consulting my Rise Together team and deep consideration of the issues Portland is facing, I am proud to endorse Commissioner Eudaly for a second term. Chloe has been a passionate and effective advocate for renters and affordable housing," Hardesty continued. "She passed a first-of-its-kind tenant relocation ordinance and sped up our public transit through the creation of the Rose Lanes. As we look to the future, Portland will need more advocates for those on the margins. For these reasons, I am looking forward to continuing to work together."

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