Four days after the grand opening of Flanders Crossing, a new walking and cycling bridge across Interstate 405, the span’s pavement was tagged with graffiti.

But unlike much of the politically charged graffiti downtown, the statement that appeared on Flanders Crossing on June 8 seemed to be advertising the upcoming release of a rap song on June 25.

The opening of the new crossing was celebrated on June 4, what amounted to a $6.4 million project. It’s a bicycle and pedestrian crossing that connects the Pearl District to the Northwest District.

A picture of the graffiti in black lettering was shared with WW on June 8. It reads: “June 25th. Macntaj ft. Jerome Dillard. Look Up.” Under the lettering is a huge number three that’s colored in with black spray paint.

Macntaj is a Seattle-based rapper, and Jerome Dillard, who appears to be located in Las Vegas, has an Instagram account dotted with videos of him singing R&B songs. Both have relatively small social media followings by the standards of musicians.

Here’s one of Macntaj’s songs, called “Lightwaves.”

By the evening of June 9, most of the paint had been successfully power-washed from the concrete. The Office of Community and Civic Life, which removes graffiti, could not immediately be reached for comment regarding how much the cleanup cost.