The Portland Police Association has relocated.

On June 8, PPA executive director Daryl Turner announced that the union has moved out of its union hall on North Lombard Street, which became a repeated target of protests, graffiti and, occasionally, arson in the past year.

In a Facebook post, Turner said that, on multiple occasions, neighbors helped the union paint over “vile and vulgar graffiti” scrawled on the building’s walls, and also pick up trash.

“And as the rioting escalated at our location, we felt that the community was more and more at risk,” Turner wrote. “At the most recent arson incident, a neighbor stood on the sidewalk with a water hose trying to put the fire out just before first responders arrived. It went too far and it was time to find another location.”

As WW previously reported, a group of about 100 activists wearing dark clothing marched to the union headquarters on April 13. About half an hour after arriving, some members of the crowd had set fire to the plywood-covered entrance of the building. One protester, 19-year-old Alma Raven-Guido, has been charged with arson as a result.

Turner did not disclose the union’s new location. He wrote that the PPA has been meeting in the North Lombard location for more than six years, and that the union plans to sell the property after repairing it.

The most recent county assessor’s documents, from last year, show the 3,982-square-foot building’s market value is just above $1 million.