New Policy Gives Police More Time to Release Names of Officers Who Use Deadly Force

The Portland Police Bureau also published the names of nine officers it had previously withheld.

Faded Portland Police Bureau sign. (Brian Brose)

Since July, the Portland Police Bureau has withheld the names of officers who use deadly force, citing a “credible security threat” that it referred to the FBI.

The FBI has now concluded its investigation into the “possible doxxing” of the Portland officers, and the Police Bureau is releasing names.

It’s also giving itself more time to do so in the future.

A previous policy required the bureau to identify officers within 24 hours, “absent a credible security threat.” Now, the deadline is 15 days, the bureau said in this afternoon’s news release.

It made the change “in consultation” with City Hall and the U.S. Department of Justice, which is currently reviewing bureau policies under a nearly decade-old settlement agreement.

“This new procedure strikes the right balance between transparency and the security concerns of our PPB members,” Police Chief Chuck Lovell said in the statement.

Of the nine previously unnamed officers who were named in the release, five remain on administrative leave and three have returned to duty. One resigned.

There have been five shootings by officers since the Police Bureau began withholding names.

On July 27, Officer Joshua Dyk shot and killed Aaron Stanton after neighbors reported he was firing a gun in his front yard. Dyk remains on leave.

On Aug. 16, officers shot at Robert Connelly after he pointed a gun at police and ran. Connelly was not injured. The officers involved were Sgt. Charles Elam, Officer Amy Li, and Officer Christopher Baten. Prosecutors declined to charge the officers. Elam and Li are back on duty. Baten resigned in September.

On Oct. 14, Officer Jonah Gellman shot Jeremy Rieck, who was reportedly chasing people with a knife. He was hospitalized. Gellman returned to duty after prosecutors determined the shooting was not criminal.

On Nov. 7, Antoine Young was shot by officers after being accused of setting a car on fire. He was hospitalized. The officers involved were Officer Erik Daniels, Officer Joshua Howery and Officer Mark Piombo. They remain on leave.

On Nov. 19, Officer Christopher Sathoff shot and killed Immanueal Clark-Johnson in the Reed neighborhood in Southeast Portland after police confronted him about a suspected robbery. Sathoff remains on leave.

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