“Well, we don’t want him to go out there.”
—Multnomah County Circuit Court referee Monica Herranz on Jan. 27, after accepting a DUII guilty plea from Diddier Pacheco-Salazar and ordering him to complete a diversion program. Herranz had been informed Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents were waiting to arrest Pacheco-Salazar outside her courtroom at the Justice Center on Southwest 3rd Avenue. They didn’t that day, because Herranz let him exit through a side door (“The Great Escape,” WW, March 1, 2016). WW obtained the courtroom recording this week, which includes this suggestion from Herranz that Pacheco-Salazar not leave the courtroom through the main entrance. ICE later arrested Pacheco-Salazar when he showed up for another court appearance. He is no longer in federal custody, an indication he may have been deported.