Kelly's Olympian Bouncer Sues Three Portland Anarchists, Saying They Gave Him a Beating For Asking Them Not to Smoke

He wouldn’t mind collecting his damages from the anarchists’ parents, according to the complaint.

A bouncer at Kelly's Olympian sued three Portland protesters he calls "anarchists" today, claiming they assaulted him outside the classic downtown bar during the May Day riot.

Nick Martin sued Erik D. Fletcher, James Brandon Poncin and Kelsey Schomberger in Multnomah County Circuit Court. He claims the trio and a fourth anarchist whose identity is unknown kicked him in the crotch and left him with a concussion.

Around 7:00, Martin says he was working the door at Kelly's, located at 426 Southwest Washington St., when he noticed the unknown protester—identified in the lawsuit as "Joe Doe Anarchist"—smoking nearby. Martin asked him not to smoke near the doors, when Fletcher "suddenly began assaulting" him and trying to punch him in the face.

Martin says he backed toward the doors, but Schomberger kicked him in the groin. Then Fletcher and Poncin started hitting him and took him to the ground. Martin says the beating left him with a concussion.

Eventually, Martin says, he fought them off and all four ran away.

Martin says he discovered the identity of the three named defendants through social media. He wants the help of the public to identify the fourth anarchist.

Martin wants $10,000 for the assault and battery. And he wouldn't mind collecting his damages from the anarchists' parents, according to the complaint.

"To the extent defendants live with their parents, Mr. Martin reserves the right to recover from any applicable homeowners or renters insurance policies," the lawsuit states.

Fletcher and Poncin were not available for comment. Schomberger did not respond to requests for comment through Facebook.

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