The city of Portland's efforts to withhold public records from the Freedom Foundation, a union-busting nonprofit, have ended in failure.

Last year, the group requested the names of all city employees represented by Laborers' Local 483. The city refused, but Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill ordered the names released. When the city declined to comply with Underhill's order, the Freedom Foundation sued successfully in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

But then the city of Portland filed a lawsuit of its own, seeking to block the Freedom Foundation from requesting a list of union members in the future—rather than just a list of those represented by Laborers' 483.

On April 20, Judge Pro Tem Thomas Christ dismissed the city's lawsuit, noting it wanted him to rule on a request the foundation hadn't made.

"The city's lawsuit was a clear waste of taxpayer money," said Freedom Foundation attorney Christi Goeller. "From day one, it was a frivolous action."

A city spokeswoman declined to comment.