An ICE Contractor Took Notes While Portland Police Refused to Help Him Get His Truck Out From Protester Blockade

"Told the police that we were going to get my truck out with or without them."

(Sam Gehrke)

On June 19, a contractor for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement tried to leave the agency's building on Portland's South Waterfront. That proved difficult. The building was surrounded by a blockade of protesters.

The contractor worked for The GEO Group, which provides transportation and other services to support the detention of immigrants in ICE custody.

The contractor called the Portland police non-emergency line. He took notes from the conversation. Here they are in full:

"Called police approx. 9-10 p.m. for assistance to get my truck out of back lot. As soon as we told them where the truck was they said they couldn't help. We told them we were trying to get the truck back without violence. They still said they wouldn't help. Told the police that we were going to get my truck out with or without them and that the next phone call they received would be a call of either the protesters or us getting assaulted and police still refused to assist."

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