A Washington woman is suing a local McDonald's after an unnamed employee allegedly forced her to remove her shirt in order to take photos of injuries she sustained in the fast-food restaurant.

Becki Marchinek's lawsuit says she was hit in the arm with a piece of metal that fell off of the soda machine after placing her family's order at a McDonald's on Southeast 82nd Avenue last February. The suit, filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court, alleges an employee escorted Marchinek to a restroom and demanded she remove her shirt so that the employee could photograph the minor injuries.

"I will just go," Marchinek said, according to the suit. She tried to leave but the employee allegedly stepped between her and the door.

"This is stupid, I just want to go," Marchinek says she told the employee.

"It's policy," the employee allegedly responded.

According to the lawsuit, Marchinek eventually complied and allowed the unnamed employee to take the photos.

The suit seeks $10,000 in damages for being confined against her will and suffering minor injuries.

McDonald's did not return a request for comment on the lawsuit.