A Portland mother is suing local child care provider KinderCare Learning Centers after her 1-year-old daughter allegedly hit her head and suffered a concussion while at daycare.

The lawsuit, filed by Phoenix Redman, says her daughter Jordynn was vomiting and drifting in and out of consciousness after being picked up from an Aloha KinderCare center after 5 p.m. on Jan. 23. Redman rushed her daughter to an emergency room, where an X-ray showed signs of concussion, the suit says.

"KinderCare failed to provide Jordynn with adequate medical attention and failed to ever call Jordynn's mom to let her know what had happened to her daughter," the lawsuit says.

The infant continued to act sluggish and had loss of appetite days after the injury, according to the suit.

The lawsuit, filed just two days after the injury, asks that KinderCare turn over any evidence related to the injury including surveillance footage. The suit does not seek economic damages, but an amended complaint will likely ask the daycare center to cover medical costs.

Update: KinderCare says it had not yet been served with the suit on Monday morning, but emphasizes that safety is a priority for the company.

"At KinderCare, the safety of the children in our care is one of our highest priorities," says spokeswoman Emily Snyder. "We work hard to provide every child with a safe, nurturing environment to learn and grow in, and take all concerns about children's safety seriously. Although we have not yet been served with this lawsuit, as soon as we receive the paperwork we will respond to the suit appropriately."