Prosecutors Press Hate Crime Charges In Alleged Homophobic Attack in Portland Macy’s by Man Armed with a Machete

Camar Livingstone, 20, is charged with a felony and four misdemeanors, including two intimidation counts, which is Oregon's hate crime law.

Multnomah County prosecutors announced hate crime charges Tuesday in a felony case against a 20-year-old man accused of shouting homophobic slurs and waving a machete at loss prevention officer at a Macy's in Portland's Lloyd Center Mall.

The victim, who is not named in court records, first saw Camar Nickquarnie Livingstone allegedly stuffing clothing into his backpack inside the department store. The loss prevention officer approached Livingstone, calling out to catch his attention.

Livingstone allegedly pulled the clothes out of his backpack and set them on a store rack.

"You stalking me man?" Livingstone asked the loss prevention officer, according to court records. Then, a probable cause affidavit says, he launched into a flurry of vulgar comments as he walked away from the victim, calling him a "fuck boy," referencing oral sex and hurling homophobic slurs.

Livingstone picked up the unpurchased clothing and walked to another floor of the store as he shouted the insults. The loss prevention officer followed him.

Suddenly, Livingstone flung the clothes at the victim's head, hitting him in the face, the affidavit says.

"If you don't stop following me," Livingstone allegedly said, "I will fuck you up so bad."

He allegedly took off a shoe and appeared ready to throw it at the loss prevention officer, before putting it back on and walking toward an exit.  The officer called for backup.

Livingstone allegedly turned around, rushed at the guard, and punched the victim in the face. When a second loss prevention officer appeared, the affidavit claims Livingstone pulled a "machete" concealed in his pants and began waving it at the men. He taunted the two guards and then ran from the store, court records say.

Police say they found Livingstone near the store, but did not find him holding a machete. The victim identified Livingstone as the man who had punched him.

Livingstone is charged with a felony and four misdemeanors, including two intimidation counts, which is Oregon's hate crime law.

"Court documents allege that Livingstone unlawfully and intentionally, because of his perception of the victim's sexual orientation, subjected that person to offensive physical contact," the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office said in a statement on the case.

He also faces a felony charge for unlawful use of a weapon and misdemeanor menacing and harassment.

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