Tusitala "Tiny" Toese, a Proud Boy who's been active in Portland brawls and has been peppered with assault and harassment charges, was this morning sentenced to 10 days in jail by a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge for violating the terms of his probation by not performing community service.

Toese was on probation after he harassed leftist protestors during a late 2017 brawl. His sentence was first reported today by The Oregonian.

Toese originally pleaded not guilty to the three charges from the December 2017 brawl, including attempt to commit a misdemeanor, second degree disorderly conduct, and harassment.

In February he changed his plea and pleaded guilty to harassment. The other two charges were dismissed. Judge Katharine von Ter Stegge ordered that Toese complete 40 hours of community service work as punishment for the harassment conviction. He received 12 months of probation and was given six months to complete the community work.

According to von Ter Stegge on Oct. 24, Toese failed to show proof of his community service. His lawyer Sean Lo disputed this, claiming that Toese had volunteered at a church and a nonprofit but hadn't received the correct paperwork to prove his participation.

After being indicted earlier this year on charges of assault after Toese punched a man last summer, Toese fled to American Samoa. When he touched down at the Portland International Airport on Oct. 4, he was arrested in connection to a pair of outstanding arrest warrants.

During his first appearance in court on Oct. 7 after being arrested at the airport, Toese pled not guilty to the assault charges. While awaiting trial, the presiding judge ordered Toese to stay away from the man he had assaulted in 2018, Tim Ledwith, and  his fellow Proud Boy Donovan Flippo. Toese's next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 24.

Toese was quiet during his first court appearance. He came flanked by several self-identified Proud Boys members.  After leaving the courtroom that day, Toese was subdued while answering press questions, and repeated the Proud Boys mantra, "I'm a proud western chauvinist and I refuse to apologize for creating a modern world."

Judge von Ter Stegge today ordered that Toese turn himself in on Friday, Oct. 25 to the Multnomah County jail to begin his 10 days behind bars.