Portland police on Wednesday arrested a man with an outstanding felony warrant for an incident that occurred at a protest one year ago.

During a demonstration held last year on Oct. 6 in the wake of a fatal shooting that involved two police officers and resulted in the death of 27-year old Patrick Kimmons a week prior, protesters affiliated with Don't Shoot Portland gathered in the street outside Portland City Hall. Police allowed them to stay in the street, trying to deescalate the protest.

The police did not carve out a march route that kept drivers and protestors apart. Because of this, traffic routes intersected with protestors lining the streets.

The driver of the silver car reported to the police bureau that his car suffered $3,000 dollars worth of damages, including a cracked window.

A video of the baton use attracted considerable national attention when it was picked up by conservative news outlets.

The man who used the baton was arrested on Wednesday and was identified as 37-year old Shaun Clancy. When police arrested him, they found he was carrying a set of brass knuckles and a stun gun.

Clancy was indicted by a grand jury for one count of Criminal Mischief on Aug. 13, and has had an outstanding warrant for his arrest ever since. He was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and for the outstanding arrest warrant.

On Oct. 31 a grand jury refused to indict the two police officers who shot Kimmons over a dozen times moments after Kimmons shot and injured two others during a fight. The jury deemed the officers had acted in self-defense.