A Portland man is suing his landlord for allegedly hosting parties without social distancing in violation of the governor's stay-home orders.

Freelance journalist Cory Elia filed the lawsuit May 18 in Multnomah County Circuit Court, alleging his Southeast Portland landlord, Dee Plumlee, was endangering his health.

In his lawsuit, Elia says for the past eight months he's rented a room from Plumlee in her home on Southeast 130th Avenue.

"After learning of Governor Brown's 'Stay Home' order, defendant repeatedly invited multiple people over to the house to party and drink alcohol without maintaining social distancing and without using personal protective equipment," the lawsuit says, "subjecting plaintiff to an increased risk of exposure to the coronavirus."

When Elia confronted Plumlee, she dismissed his concerns, the lawsuit says.

"On one occasion when defendant was extremely drunk she told plaintiff, 'I will shoot you if you skip out on rent,'" the complaint says. "Defendant had previously made plaintiff aware that defendant had a .357 Magnum pistol inside the house."

On another occasion, the landlord allegedly spit in the tenant's face and screamed insults at him, the lawsuit says.

"Defendant also used language around the house that any reasonable person would consider offensive, including homophobic and racist remarks mixed in with statements about her love for President Trump," the lawsuit says.

Plumlee tells WW the allegations are a lie.

"I'm a 60-year old disabled woman," Plumlee said, adding that she suffers from many health issues. "I do not have parties."

Plumlee also said that Elia spit in her face, and that he made her feel unsafe in her own home.

Elia is seeking $900, or the equivalent of two months' rent, and an order prohibiting the landlord from defying the stay-home orders. In other words, Plumlee would not be allowed to host house parties anymore.