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Multnomah County Judge Issues Arrest Warrant for Tusitala “Tiny” Toese

As part of his probation agreement, Toese was barred from attending protests for two years.

Multnomah County Circuit Judge Benjamin Souede signed a warrant Tuesday afternoon for the arrest of right-wing brawler and Proud Boy member Tusitala "Tiny" Toese.

WW first reported Monday that the Multnomah County Department of Community Justice issued an arrest warrant for Toese, who is on probation for assault after punching an anti-fascist protester in the face in 2018 on a Portland sidewalk.

As part of his probation agreement, Toese was prohibited from attending protests for two years, beginning in January 2020. DCJ declined to disclose what the inciting incident was that led to the warrant being issued, but Toese has been spotted at at least two protests—one in Seattle and one in Portland—this month.

In Seattle, Toese was captured on video apparently beating a man near the Capitol Hill Organized Protest area.

Toese's current whereabouts are unknown.