Lake Oswego Police Are Investigating After Deer Heads Are Discovered Next to Biden and Black Lives Matter Signs

Lake Oswego police haven’t identified any suspects yet.

The Lake Oswego Police Department is investigating after the heads of two decapitated deer were discovered next to political signs on Oct. 29, five days ahead of the general election.

After 9 am Thursday morning, Lake Oswego police received a report about a deer head placed at the intersection of Greentree Road and Campus Way, next to a sign supporting presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Hours later, after noon that day, they received a second call about another deer head, also on Greentree Road, placed next to a Black Lives Matter sign.

The Facebook group called "Respond to Racism LO" said that the second head was contained in a black garbage bag and placed on a resident's lawn.

"The message sent is clear and loud," the Facebook group wrote in a Friday post. "We will be mobilizing so stay tuned—for now please keep the families in your hearts and thoughts."

A Lake Oswego police sergeant told The Oregonian that police will investigate the incidents as potential bias crimes.

The agency wrote in a press release that anyone with information relating to the deer heads should call the Lake Oswego Police Department non-emergency line at (503) 635-0238.

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