Oregon’s New Gun Control Law Goes Into Effect in Three Weeks, Earlier Than Advertised

The Associated Press confirmed the passage of Measure 114 on Tuesday.

With nearly all ballots counted, 50.7% of Oregon voters have approved Measure 114. The law will limit sales of high-capacity magazines and require gun buyers to obtain a permit. It goes into effect 30 days from Election Day, according to the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office.

“The campaigns around M114 have been sharing an incorrect effective date for the measure,” says Ben Morris, the office’s communication director. “Everybody got this wrong.”

On Tuesday morning, Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers issued a press release promising to enforce that law “if it is ruled constitutional by any court challenge.” Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its decision upholding a similar ban on high-capacity magazines in California.

“Could the measure be challenged and could a stay be issued? Absolutely, and we believe it will be. We are moving forward anticipating on January 15, 2023, this will be the law in our state,” Sheriff Landers wrote.

The press release was updated online this morning with the correct date: Dec. 8, 2022.