Measure 114 Remains Temporarily Blocked

The Oregon Supreme Court refused to override a Harney County judge’s temporary restraining order.

Measure 114, the gun control measure passed by Oregonians by a slim margin in November, will not go into effect as planned tomorrow, the Oregon Supreme Court has ruled.

Yesterday, a state judge in Harney County (population: 7,495) issued a temporary restraining order blocking the law’s implementation as part of a lawsuit filed by several gun rights groups challenging its constitutionality.

The law would restrict the use and sale of large-capacity magazines and require gun purchasers to obtain training and a permit.

The gun rights groups argue that the law effectively “acts as an outright ban on the sale of firearms,” given that the permit to purchase program is not yet in place and may not be ready for months, a fact acknowledged by the Oregon Attorney General’s Office.

This morning, a state lawyer filed a request with the state Supreme Court to override Harney County Circuit Judge Robert Raschio’s ruling, citing the “life-and-death stakes of this case.”

Just before 5 pm, Oregon Chief Justice Martha Walters issued a two-paragraph ruling denying the request.

The parties are scheduled to be back in Harney County Circuit Court next week. Meanwhile, holiday gun shopping can continue unimpeded.