Portland Police Bureau Sergeant Sentenced to Two Years’ Probation for Grabbing a Woman’s Groin

Sgt. Darke Hull pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors committed while off duty. The bureau’s internal investigation is ongoing.

Faded Portland Police Bureau sign. (Brian Brose)

Portland Police Bureau Sgt. Darke Hull pleaded guilty to multiple misdemeanors last Friday after being arrested a year ago for allegedly touching a woman inappropriately at a Metzger bar while off duty.

“I intended to annoy [the woman],” Hull wrote in his plea petition, “by subjecting [her] to offensive physical contact to an intimate part of the body and pulled [her] hair.”

Hull was sentenced to two years’ probation beginning Dec. 1. He’ll have to surrender any firearms.

Washington County sheriff’s deputies arrested Hull on Oct. 28, 2022, at Toby’s Sports Pub in Metzger. He was charged with harassment and sexual abuse after deputies reviewed security footage of the incident, which showed Hull “unwantedly touched the female victim in the groin area and pulled her hair unprovoked,” according to a press release announcing the arrest last year. The sexual abuse charge was later dropped.

Hull had worked for the bureau for 23 years and was working at the time as a traffic cop. He was put on administrative leave following the incident. His future with the bureau remains unclear. “The internal investigation is open,” says PPB spokesman Mike Benner. “We’re in the middle of a disciplinary process and Chief [Bob] Day is evaluating options.”

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