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Portland Is About to Get Another Heat Wave, but Don’t Freak Out

“Not the stuff from Hades we had back in June. That stuff was rotten.”

Given that Portland is still taking stock of our last heat wave, seeing triple-digit temperatures in the forecast in understandably distressing.

But if you’ve been monitoring your weather app with fear, don’t freak out just yet. Portland is headed for another heat wave this week, but it’ll be much shorter and lower in magnitude than last month’s deadly temperatures.

“This is what we’d normally see every year,” says Clinton Rockey, a meteorologist for the Portland branch of the National Weather Service. “Not the stuff from Hades we had back in June. That stuff was rotten.”

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Thursday and Friday will be the hottest days, with temperatures potentially reaching 101—a good 15 degrees lower than the official record-breaking high recorded last month. Crucially, temperatures are expected to drop down into the 60s overnight, allowing the city and its residents some reprieve.

The hot streak should break by early next week, when highs will go back down to the 80s.

In addition to not being catastrophically bad, the weather system could bring some good, too. Rain is in the forecast for the majority of the drought-stricken Cascade Range, which could help dampen the extreme fire weather seen across the state. In some damaged areas, though, it could also lead to debris flows. It’s unlikely, but not impossible, that rain will reach the Willamette Valley.

Even if it’s not as bad as last time, 100-degree weather does requires some caution.

“If you’re outdoors, take it easy,” says Rockey. But “with what everyone’s gone through already, this won’t be as bad.”