As congressional Republicans push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown warned last week that the bill would triple the percentage of Oregonians without health insurance. (She predicted an increase from 5 to 15 percent.) Most of that increase would come from people losing Medicaid coverage. Under Obamacare, each of Oregon's five congressional districts has seen a larger drop in the uninsured rate than the national average (5.4 points).

1st Congressional District
(U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici-D)
Decrease in uninsured rate: 6.1 points

2nd Congressional District
(U.S. Rep. Greg Walden-R)
Decrease: 9.3 points

3rd Congressional District
(U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer-D)
Decrease: 7.7 points

4th Congressional District

(U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio-D)
Decrease: 7.6 points

5th Congressional District

(U.S. Rep Kurt Schrader-D)
Decrease: 8.7 points

Sources: U.S. Congress, Democratic staff memo