Former state rep. Rich Vial, who serves under Secretary of State Bev Clarno, tendered his resignation in a Jan. 6 letter released today.

Vial, whose resignation is effective tomorrow, lost his reelection bid for the state House of Representatives in 2018. There's been repeated speculation that Vial would seek to be the Republican candidate for secretary of state.

In his resignation letter, he implied he was looking to run for office, but told The Oregonian he has not made a decision.

"I feel more inspired than ever to make sure that I continue to search for those places that my services might be most effective," he wrote in his resignation letter.

The Oregonian reported in November that Vial was working as an attorney representing clients before a Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals, which the secretary of state's office has the power to audit, at the same time as he held down his $172,000 a year state post.

Clarno, who was appointed to complete Secretary of State Dennis Richardson's term and is not expected to run for office, praised Vial's time in her office.

“Deputy Vial has so much to offer government,” said Secretary Clarno. “His thoughtfulness, leadership, and collaborative spirit make him an exemplary public servant, and I have greatly appreciated his advice and assistance during my time as Secretary of State.”