Oregon state Sen. Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) today entered the race for Oregon Secretary of State, announcing her candidacy at the Timber Unity rally at the Capitol against a carbon-cap bill.

Secretary of State is the only statewide executive office held by Republicans in Oregon. Dennis Richardson won the seat in 2016, a notable exception to Oregon's politics which are dominated by Democrats. He died last year of brain cancer, and the job is currently held by Beverly Clarno, who is also a Republican.

Richardson succeeded in part by convincing Democratic voters that he would be an independent voice, particularly when attending to the Secretary of State's role overseeing elections and auditing state agencies.

Thatcher appeared to be taking a different tact in announcing her candidacy at a the rally of highly partisan, conservative voters who are opposing the state's carbon cap legislation. Thatcher was one of the Republican senators who left the state last year to block the passage of a similar bill.

"I believe every Oregonian deserves a state government that is a good steward of YOUR tax dollars," Kim Thatcher says in statement posted to her campaign website, "and that every elected official in Oregon must be accountable, transparent, and honest with taxpayers."