Two Political Action Committees Form to Support the Latest Competing Efforts to Recall Gov. Kate Brown

One PAC is sponsored by Bill Currier, head of the Republican Party in Oregon.

Two political action committees have been set up to support the latest, potentially competing attempts to recall Gov. Kate Brown.

Bill Currier, chair of the Republican Party of Oregon, set up one of the committees this month. So far it has raised nearly $8,000 to support a new effort to recall Brown.

The other, People's Choice Recall Kate Brown, shows no funds raised so far.

Last year, two efforts to get a recall on the ballot failed to gather enough signatures. The two campaigns competed against each other, possibly diminishing their efficacy.

Currier told Oregon Public Broadcasting last week that the Republican Party had adopted new technology to help ensure success this time by making sure they weren't gathering duplicative signatures. But signature-gathering during the pandemic presents new challenges to campaigns, even as rural counties began reopening last month.