84 More People in Multnomah County Have Contracted COVID-19, Shattering Previous One-Day Record

For the second time in two days, Multnomah County reports a record high in the number of new COVID-19 cases.

The Grotto reopened this weekend. (Brian Burk)

On June 19, Multnomah County reported more new COVID-19 cases than it ever had in a single day: 49. But that record stood for only two days.

Today, Oregon's most populous county saw 84 cases.

The spike in cases arrives after Multnomah County began its first phase of reopening on Friday, although it's far too early for Portland's bar, restaurant and gym reopenings to be impacting the case counts.

The Oregon Health Authority also reported 190 new cases statewide, which is a high number relative to recent weeks but not a new record.

Umatilla County was second to Multnomah County in reporting the highest number of cases—with 34. That's also a record for Umatilla County, which two days ago reported 24 cases, a previous high.

OHA did not provide information on any new outbreaks, which may mean the high case counts cannot be traced to a single source.

That would follow a pattern. In the week ending June 14, Multnomah County saw an 87% increase in the number of new cases, 49% of which could not be traced to another case of COVID-19.

OHA directed questions to the local health department for answers on Multnomah County's numbers. A county spokesperson did not immediately have an answer for what might be causing the rise in case numbers.

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