Oregon again reported a one-day record number of COVID-19 cases, with 409 on July 11.

Multnomah County accounted for 99 of those cases, another record.

This is the third time since July 1 that Oregon has set a new single-day record for viral infections.

The Oregon Health Authority said part of the jump in cases resulted from "a transition to a new reporting system, which prevented the processing of positive cases for a few hours Thursday."

But OHA also continued to caution that cases have resulted from social gatherings of family and friends, including at exercise classes, a fraternity gathering, and a bachelor party. The agency also warned against in-person celebrations of graduations, birthdays, wedding and holidays.

On July 10, state officials warned that the diagnosed cases are probably a fraction of how many people in Oregon have the virus and projected that cases could rise to more than 7,000 a day by the end of the month.

Oregon's cases have steadily risen since Gov. Kate Brown allowed businesses to reopen in June. Deaths have not increased at the same rate, in part because younger people account for much of the spread. (Oregon reported no new deaths Saturday.) But in other states across the U.S. South and West, the death toll is following close behind the rise in transmission.

As of July 10, 208 Oregonians were hospitalized with suspected cases of COVID-19. Thirty of them are on ventilators.