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These Multnomah County ZIP Codes Have Hit a 70% Vaccination Rate

That’s a level of immunity in the population that would shut down spread of the virus.

More than a dozen ZIP codes in inner Portland neighborhoods have hit a key vaccination benchmark. In these neighborhoods, the percentage of residents (not just adults) who’ve had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has surpassed 70%, according to Oregon Health Authority data.

To achieve a level of immunity in the population that would shut down spread of the virus, public health experts set a benchmark of somewhere around 70%. (That benchmark depends partly on how contagious a disease is and how effective the vaccines are. With COVID’s ever-changing variants, that’s a fluctuating target.) Herd immunity means the virus is less likely to be able to find another vulnerable body to infect.

Of course, the OHA ZIP code data doesn’t capture how many people commute from other parts of the city or other counties, so it doesn’t fully capture risks. But it’s a notable milestone for neighborhoods from Northwest Portland to Laurelhurst and Sellwood—all places where at least 70% of the residents have received a shot.

Vaccine rates still lag among Black and Latinx populations. Rates are higher among older populations, among other groups. The map of herd immunity in part reflects demographics of vaccine acceptance and hesitancy.

Zip Codes

East Side

97217 (Overlook, Arbor Lodge, Kenton) 70.3%

97215 (includes Mt. Tabor) 70.9%

97227 (Eliot) 76.0%

97212 (Irvington, Alameda, Grant Park) 74.3%

97232 (Kerns, Lloyd District, Sullivan’s Gulch, Laurelhurst) 83.8%

97214 (Buckman, Ladd’s Addition, Sunnyside) 79.4%

97202 (Sellwood, Brooklyn, Creston-Kenilworth) 71.5%

West Side

97231 (Sauvie Island, Forest Park) 77.3%

97210 (Northwest Portland) 79.9%

97209 (Slabtown, Pearl, Old Town Chinatown) 78.0%

97205 (Arlington Heights) 78.0%

97221 (Sylvan Hylands, Bridlemile, Hayhurst) 78.8%

97239 (Hillsdale, Healy Heights, South Portland) 73.3%