Another Leading Oregon Republican Answers the Question: Did Donald Trump Win in 2020?

An answer from Dr. Bud Pierce, the Republican nominee who lost to Gov. Kate Brown in 2016 and is running for governor again this year.

Earlier this month, WW asked the leading independent and Republican candidates for Oregon about the outcome of the last presidential election. Their answers differed significantly on a matter that could shape the future of the Republican Party, not to mention the country: Former President Donald Trump’s insistence without factual evidence that he won the 2020 presidential election.

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Dr. Bud Pierce, the Republican nominee for governor in 2016, who is running again, was out of town, so WW is posting his answers to the question after he returned.

WW asked: “Did Joe Biden legitimately win the 2020 presidential election?”

Dr. Bud Pierce said: YES.

We had a presidential election in 2020. Joe Biden was declared the winner. He won the election.

WW asked: “Are you seeking Trump’s endorsement? Will you invite him to campaign with you in Oregon if he endorses you?”

Pierce: YES.

If President Trump endorses my campaign, he is endorsing me and my ideas, so if President Trump can help share my ideas with Oregonians, I am all for it.

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