Columbia County House Member-Elect in Trouble

Judge rejects Brian Stout’s motion to dismiss a sexual abuse protective order.

As WW first reported Dec. 3, a judge granted a protective order against state Rep.-elect Brian G. Stout (R-Columbia City) for alleged sexual abuse of a woman in 2021.

The judge rejected Stout’s motion to dismiss the order Dec. 5 and set a further hearing for Jan. 13.

That’s four days after Stout and other newly elected legislators are set to be sworn in to office in Salem. Lawmakers, legislative staff and lobbyists may not be thrilled about Stout’s presence in the Capitol.

“The House speaker and I have been in touch, and we agreed to continue conversations about how to appropriately handle this situation,” says House Minority Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson (R-Prineville).

That echoes what House Speaker Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis) had to say on the matter: “The allegations against Rep.-elect Stout are very serious and disturbing. The Republican leader and I have been in contact, and we are continuing conversations about how to appropriately handle this situation and maintain a safe workplace.”