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WATCH: OPB Discovers Hidden Waterfalls in Valhalla

Happy Valentine's Day from Oregon.

Are you feeling down about Oregon recently?

Maybe your tax refund wasn't what you'd hoped, even with the kicker, or you're a little sad that one of our wildlife refuges is still occupied by a teeny armed militia.

Oregon Public Broadcasting has the antidote.

On yesterday's Oregon Field Guide, OPB explored Valhalla, a slot canyon in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness that was unmapped until it was discovered from the air during a forest fire by fire helicopter manager Mike Malone.

Malone and his friends spent four years trying to find the canyon, which is only 60 miles from Portland, from the ground.

Here's roughly where it is, as told by a series of zoomed in maps:

The episode, which chronicles the search and discovery of Valhalla, will remind you why you love Oregon so much: green trees, rushing water and the fact that stuff actually exists that isn't on a map yet.

There aren't any trails to Valhalla and unless you are a very experienced climber, you should steer clear. However, if you're getting a hankering to explore a slot canyon, Oneonta Gorge is a great choice. It's accessible and good for swimming. Put it on your list for the summer.

Watch the episode here: