Better wear your crisp new suede Adidas while you can—the storms are coming.

Three separate storm systems will hit the Northwest late this week and into the weekend. One of them is fueled by Typhoon Songda, which is coming out of the Western Pacific.

"The Saturday system is probably a once every 10-15 years system," says Laurel McCoy of the National Weather Service. She says seeing typhoons isn't uncommon, but doesn't happen every year. "It's not going to be a typhoon or hurricane when it gets here; it will get some cold air in it, but it's going to bring a lot of moisture and energy with it."

The energy is so significant that the National Weather service is issuing a high wind warning for Oregon over the weekend. The Oregon Coast could see winds at 80-90mph on Saturday, which certainly isn't kite-flying weather.

"That's where we're going to see trees coming down, power going out," says McCoy. "Once it gets past 55, 60 mph, we start to see some impact."

In the Willamette Valley, the wind is likely to be close to a more manageable 40-55 mph.

Thursday and Saturday are expected to be the wettest days, with showers off and on for Friday.