The Oregon Coast was expecting high wind gusts this weekend. On Wednesday, the National Weather Service said they could see winds at 80-90 mph.

This morning, a tornado touched down and damaged several city blocks in the beach town. Manzanita's mayor has declared an emergency state.

Our news partner KATU-TV has footage of the tornado.

KATU reported thousands are without power and one home and two businesses were destroyed. Three to four houses also have significant damage.

The National Weather Service says there's currently a lull in the thunderstorm activity. The threat will continue along the northern Oregon coast, but we shouldn't expect it in Portland.

"We'll see a thunderstorm or two across the metro area," says Matthew Cullen of the National Weather Service. "The next storm is still developing, and will be coming late afternoon into the evening on Saturday."

We should expect 55-60 mph gusts in Portland tomorrow afternoon and evening, with more showers today. The coastline tomorrow could see winds at 80-90 mph, with 65 mph wind in the coastal communities.

"In the tornado there's a wide range of speed. We haven't weighted it yet, but the strongest winds are in a localized spot," says Cullen.