If you want to climb a mountain, you'll need a permit.

They go on sale at 9 am this Wednesday, Feb. 1, and cost $22. You can get them here.

You might want to actually figure it out and commit—the number of permits issued is limited to 500 per day from April 1 through May 14, and 100 per day from May 15 through October 31.

Most summer dates sell out on the first day.

Permits are required for anyone traveling above 4,800-foot elevation on the volcano year-round, as well as for anyone climbing Mount St. Helens at any time between April 1 and October 31. 

Want to try climbing, but have lazy friends? Check out a climbing group like Mazamas mountaineering club.

And don't be a dick about buying permits, please.

Those funds are used for maintaining camping, parking and camping facilities at Climber's Bivouac, providing customer service and funding climbing ranger, volunteer and youth education programs.

Also, the Mt. Hood slopes that are above the treeline are actually a Traditional Cultural Property of Cowlitz and Yakama Tribal groups. So don't leave beer cans everywhere, like UO frats do when they party at Shasta.