Doesn't it feel like it's been raining a lot?

According to the National Weather Service, it's been cloudy 86 percent of the time in February and March, which is probably why you've been feeling a little more bummed out than usual. (No? Just me?)

NWS also says we haven't had two consecutive dry days since February 12-13. The last three consecutive dry days we had were January 12-16, when Portland was covered in snow.

Now, the Willamette River has risen about a foot and a half in the last seven days. It's at approximately 17.5 feet, which is so high that the Eastbank Esplanade is now closed between the Burnside and Steel bridges.

At 17.5 feet, the floating ramps on the trail to rise to an angle that Portland Parks and Recreation has determined could be unsafe to people.

Yikes. This isn't a "I'll probably be fine and try it out anyway" situation.

(Courtesy of Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland, OR).
(Courtesy of Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland, OR).

"Our first priority is public safety, so we will not open the closed portion of the path until we are confident in everyone's safe use of the floating walkway portion of the Eastbank Esplanade," says Portland Parks and Recreation spokesperson Mark Ross.

He also noted that because the Columbia River is also experiencing high water levels, the Willamette may take longer to drain. The Columbia River is currently at 17.56 feet, which is a foot and a half past the flood stage.

According to the National Weather Service, the Willamette River at 18 feet is considered a flood stage—but not until 28 feet is it considered a "major flood stage."

The Eastbank Esplanade has not been closed because of high water levels since May 2011.