It looks like Portland will see some much deserved sunshine today as temperatures are expected to creep up to 80 degrees.

This past winter was one of the snowiest we've seen, according to David Bishop of the National Weather Service.

"Our winter was I think the tenth or eleventh snowiest winters we've ever had," Bishop tells WW.

After enduring an endless onslaught of snow and rain, Portland will get a small taste of summer today before thunderous showers ensue tomorrow.

"It looks like this 80 degree day is only gonna hang around for today and then we've got some thunderstorms that look like they're gonna be rolling in tomorrow," says Bishop.

If you find yourself with some free time today, make it a point to enjoy the fleeting sunshine. We don't know when we'll have another beautiful day like this.

The National Weather Service expects thunderstorms will become likely tomorrow afternoon with gusts of wind and possible hail.