This week, a Canadian travel company named Cannon Beach one of the 50 best beaches in the world. At number 50, the rocky strip of Oregon coastline barely made it onto the list. But to be fair, it was mostly beat by tropical beaches where you can actually put your toes in the water without getting frostbite.

Flight Network, which is basically the Canadian equivalent of Expedia, determined their list by surveying hundreds of travel bloggers and agencies. Cannon Beach is the only beach on mainland US that made the list (unsurprisingly, the only other US beaches are all in Hawaii).

Each beach was rated for its remoteness, water quality and "sheer untouched beauty." The average temperature and number of sunny days per year is also listed for all of the beaches. Out of all the beaches on the list, Cannon Beach gets the least amount of sunshine (less than half the year) and is second coldest only to a beach in Iceland. So Flight Network suggests you "experience the beach by strolling along the seaside cozy in a sweater while the sounds of beach life wrap you in comfort."

The travel site gave high marks to Cannon Beach for "sheer untouched beauty" and "remoteness," which is a little odd considering it's one of the most popular spots along Oregon's coast and there are many ice cream shops just a few feet off the sand. Still, we have to agree that Haystack Rock is pretty fucking majestic.

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