Despite barricades and clearly posted "closed" signs, some people still continue to defy orders to stay out of Oregon State Parks and beaches during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now law enforcement is starting to slap violators with citations.

Two Cottage Grove men are facing second-degree criminal trespassing charges for allegedly hopping a fence to access a beach in Otter Rock, about 8 miles north of Newport.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office says a local spotted 20-year-old Max Gause and 19-year-old Konnor Owens climbing over the barrier with surfboards Monday afternoon, and warned them that the area was closed. About two hours later, a deputy saw the two men scrambling back over the chain-link fence, which had been set up specifically to keep people from accessing that beach.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is actively patrolling areas across the coastal county following an uptick in reports about trespassing, both on public and private properties. Deputies also say they've received more complaints about gatherings larger than those allowed under Gov. Kate Brown's stay-at-home order.

The Sheriff's Office has worked to educate people caught in areas they shouldn't be before resorting to citations. But instances where anyone openly disregards barricades and warnings will result in enforcement.