If you're bored of the view from your living room window, there's yet another business promising to give you a more interesting scene from the seat of your car.

The Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville, Wash., allows visitors to view bison, moose and elk roaming through acres of forestland. It's one of the latest businesses to adopt the newly revived drive-thru model, offering customers a safer, physically distanced visit to its property—and it's only two and a half hours from Portland.

Instead of riding in shuttles packed with tourists through the site's free-roaming animal area, customers can now coast through in their own vehicles. The caravans, dubbed "Wild Drive," will be bookended by staffers.

The Northwest-style safari should offer glimpses of herds of Roosevelt elk, sheep with giant curlicue horns, mountain goats, caribou, shaggy bison, giant moose and more. The animals have free rein of the 435-acre plot, and drivers can learn about what they're seeing with a live audio app.

The park is also getting ready to enter birthing season, which means you might even be able to spot adorable baby animals in real life instead of on your social media feed.

The tour launches Wednesday, May 27. Online reservations are required, and tickets cost $70 for Northwest Trek members, $80 for non-members.

Of course, there is a similar drive-thru attraction in Southern Oregon, though the animals tend to be on the more exotic side. Winston's Wildlife Safari, known for its highly successful cheetah breeding program, is also open during the outbreak. The drive to get there from Portland is about 50 miles longer, but ticket prices range from $15.95 to $21.95.