Nic Parrish understands your burning desire to explore the Oregon backcountry as the summer season draws near. After all, as the founder of Portland gear rental startup Xscape Pod, he helps facilitate adventures in the outdoors. But with the ongoing pandemic pressing pause on most activities related to nature, he's been forced to adapt. His solution: the Patio Pod, a $149 curated gear bundle containing all the equipment for camping in your literal backyard. Sure, it might not be Glacier, but it's the best we can do right now. Here's what you'll find in the pack:

"The tent is built by a brand called Big Agnes out of Colorado," says Parrish. "They make some incredible gear." Order a two-person pod to receive a two-person tent, or peruse the combinations you can form when you upgrade to the four-person pod.

Also from Big Agnes, the sleeping bags are rated to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 30 degrees, and are accompanied by insulated air pads that further help to keep you warm enough that you don’t immediately give up and go back in your house.

No campout is complete without a few lights to help you avoid fumbling through the dark. The rechargeable Petzl brand headlamps are used for rock climbing, Parrish says, while the lantern is made by BioLite and is “perfectly suited for light in the tent or for making your way around the campsite.”

A classic two-burner Coleman camp stove, and the cookset comes from MSR. “If I were renting this,” Parrish says, “I’d probably grab my pots and pans from the kitchen.”

This Yeti-style cooler is insulated enough to keep frozen food unmelted for 10 days. “A little overkill for the backyard,” Parrish admits.

This four-person s’mores kit, from Portland’s 1927 S’mores, gives you everything you need to re-create the campfire classic. “People are absolutely loving this final touch,” Parrish says.