There will be no major fairs in 2020, but Oregonians will not be deprived of their funnel cakes.

The Oregon State Fair has launched a drive-thru in Salem that serves all of the fat- and grease-laden treats you would normally scarf down while strolling the midway.

Taste of a Fair began operating on the State Fairgrounds at the corner of 17th Street and Silverton Road Northeast in late June. The initial menu was somewhat limited but consisted of summer festival staples, like elephant ears and corn dogs. Since then, organizers have expanded offerings to include everything from deep-fried cheesecake to curly fries to cotton candy.

In early May, when it became clear that the coronavirus pandemic was going to make large gatherings a risky proposition, the Oregon State Fair called off its 2020 events, which were set to run Aug. 28-Sept. 7. Currently, there are plans to return with the full slate of activities in 2021.

In the meantime, you can get some semblance of the carnival at Taste of a Fair every Friday through Sunday all summer long.