If you're reading this, we probably don't have to tell you: It's hot as hell in Portland right now.

The metro area is forecasted to hit triple-digits today for the first time this year, then do it again tomorrow. It's enough that the National Weather Service has issued an "excessive heat warning" for Northwest Oregon, which essentially means: Stay hydrated if you're outdoors and unambitious with your activities.

In addition, there is a burn ban in effect in Multnomah County due to the dry conditions. (A large wildfire continues to burn near Mosier, south of The Dalles.) Here is a reminder courtesy of Portland Fire & Rescue and, uh, the Unipiper:

It's an especially daunting time for a summer scorcher, of course, given that there's still a pandemic going on and all the usual means of staying cool—movie theaters, public pools—are shut down.

The good news? The heat isn't likely to last beyond the weekend: The National Weather Service reports that temperatures will dip back down to more manageable levels beginning Monday, and continue to fall into the low 80s over the next week.

Of course, in Portland, complaining about the weather—no matter what it is—is a civic pastime, so we're sure somebody will find something to whine about.