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Fires Have Destroyed Much of Breitenbush Hot Springs

The resort, known for its clothing-optional warm baths and meditation workshops, is determined to reopen in 2021.

Many of the structures that make up the much-loved retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs have been destroyed by wildfire, but operators are determined to eventually reopen.

The facility, located about 11 miles northeast of the town of Detroit along Highway 22 and known for its clothing-optional warm baths and meditation workshops, shared news about the burned buildings yesterday on its Facebook page.

"The Beachie Creek and Lionshead fires ripped through Breitenbush and burned nearly half of the structures to the ground," the post stated. "All guest cabins, Sanctuary, Vista (massage house), the foot bridge, Well House 4, the maintenance bay and wood shop, and several community cabins are completely destroyed."

All staff members safely evacuated the area before flames tore through the resort. A team of firefighters stayed onsite to defend the lodge, which is still standing.

Breitenbush's operators say that it is insured, but they only expect that payout will cover a portion of the cost to clean up and rebuild.

The Hot Springs is taking donations through its website.

"A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Breitenbush was closed at the time of the fires. WW regrets the error."