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Lan Su Chinese Garden Will Reopen for Tours

You need to close out 2020 with some tranquility. The garden will provide.

Most of the places we would normally seek out to relieve life's stressors, both big and small, are currently off-limits or operating under severe restrictions. Which is why the reopening of Lan Su Chinese Garden next week is so well timed.

The 40,000-square-foot space—one full city block—is just about the most tranquil slice of land in Old Town-Chinatown, and perhaps the city. Portlanders seeking a little peace as we close out 2020 will appreciate that they can once again visit this oasis, starting Monday, Dec. 14.

Following the initial spring shutdown to quell the spread of COVID-19, Lan Su welcomed guests back in mid-July, suspending in-person tours in favor of self-guided ones along marked one-way routes. The garden also implemented a timed entry system to avoid overcrowding.

With the latest relaunch, the property is encouraging people to walk the grounds with the assistance of a new app. Discover San Lu offers an audio tour as well as a likely much-needed distraction for kids who've been stuck at home for months: an interactive scavenger hunt perfect for K-5 students.

Visits resume with advance, timed reservations, mandatory mask wearing at all times, and a cap of six people per party.