Mt. Hood Meadows Will Not Open Thanksgiving Weekend as Originaly Hoped

“We’ve gone nearly two weeks without any precipitation, which will be a record for November here in Oregon.”

Skiers and snowboarders who had hoped to burn off Thanksgiving calories with a trip to Mt. Hood Meadows should keep their gear in storage for now.

Today, the resort announced it would not open over the holiday weekend as originally planned. What started out as a promising November in terms of precipitation and snowpack has petered out into yet another incredibly dry month, following a parched September and unseasonably warm October.

“We’ve gone nearly two weeks without any precipitation, which will be a record for November here in Oregon,” Dave Tragethon, resort VP of sales and marketing, stated in a press release. “Fortunately, it has been very cold and we’ve been able to preserve much of the 17 inches of snow that fell two weeks ago. We currently have a 16-inch snow depth in the base area with 24 inches at midmountain. But that’s not enough for us to be able to open for the season.”

The storms that were forecast to hit Mount Hood this week haven’t materialized, but you may need to wait only a bit longer for that to happen. The 10-day outlook is encouraging, with signs of moisture moving through the area from Saturday into Monday. The freezing level is also forecasted to drop, which means the lifts could start rotating in a matter of days.

“We may have the right conditions to open early next week,” Tragethon added. “Again—this is all dependent on this storm—but we are making preparations accordingly.”

If you’ve already written off the 2022-23 season due to the lack of Thanksgiving weekend snow, don’t be so quick to dismiss. Tragethon noted that we’re in a La Niña season, which can be stingy when it comes to precipitation in November. Once the snow gets started, however, it tends to deliver a strong punch.